The Firm

RUI LAW FIRM in Anhui is the partnership system law firm which is established in HEFEI,the headquarter of Anhui province.

Rui Law Firm is a partner with advanced system of democratic management and gathering a large number of high-quality legal elite.At the beginning of the establishment, Rui Law Firm not only attracted a group of prominent local lawyers, but also absorbed a number of Beijing, Shanghai and other economically developed areas of human resources counsel. At the same time, we hired a number of Professor of Law, experts and scholars from the internal and externalof Anhui province as the authoritative source.We has established a close working relationship with the domestic first-class law firm of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen .We also established good collaboration and sharing resources with each other. As a result, high-level professional resources to become the community to provide quality legal services to protect the fundamental.

" Wisdom to protect laws, Justice to keep rights" is the the concept of practice of us."Norms of integrity, Dedicated high-precision" is the practice of the request. Lawyers of Rui firm is good professional, rigorous style of work, diligent service .We won the trust of customers, as the province has a number of government agencies, large enterprises and institutions of the Legal year. And we handle a large number of case which is litigation or non-litigation legal services in Society. At the same time,the lawyers of Rui firm focus on the professional division of labor that based on the greater emphasis on team spirit,to play the whole advantages.we will serious and responsible to the community with society at a full range,and to provide high-quality legal services